Thursday, 20 July 2017

Nosy Be

This week the boys have been based on Nosy Be island. The campsite has been located right on the beach front with tents overlooking the sea. Some boys have been learning to dive and have successfully completed their PADI course becoming qualified open water divers. Well done to those boys and of course Mr Cooper who also passed with flying colours.
Those boys who were already qualified and our snorklers were kept busy with 2 dives a day. They developed their skills underwater and even learnt how to conduct surveys underwater; assessing coral health, recognising different species and recording habitat diversity. The boys were excited to see turtles, puffer fish, cuttle fish and a whole host of tropical reef fish. 
Our boys also worked on group presentations which were given last night. We watched some excellent performances but were particularly impressed with a rap session based on mesotrophic coral habitats. 
Everyone is suitably exhausted after 4.30am starts every day but all are happy and well. We now start the long journey home travelling for 5 hours today for an overnight stop over in a hotel (all are excited for flushing toilets, running showers and a mattress). The boys have a long day of travel again tomorrow ready to catch our flight to Paris but the boys are all looking forward to seeing you Sunday afternoon! 

An experience of a lifetime! 

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