Saturday, 15 July 2017

(Backup) Journey so far...

The boys have finished a busy week in the forest site of Matsedroy and Mariarano. They were given a taste of the flora and fauna of the local area by walking up to 33 miles a day on survey routes. They have been lucky enough to see endemic species such as chameleons, geckos, lemurs, birds and giant stick insects. The boys learnt the hard way about the challenges of camp life; discovering a long drop toilet and outdoor, one bucket a day showers. Our boys were also given the opportunity to visit a local school where a game of football broke any language barriers. The local children were also amazed by 'snapchat filters' and camera phones. Merchant Taylors' should be so proud of how well our boys integrated with the local community and represented our school. 

We are now moving on to the second leg of our journey through Madagascar. An early start to catch a ferry across to Nosy Be where some of the boys will get their first taste of diving in the open water. All are very excited.

The boys have been absolutely fantastic and as staff we cannot ask any more from them. They are all in good health, happy in spirits and enjoying this once in a lifetime opportunuty. 

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